January 6: nothing is safe anymore

This is totally cheating but by the time I had time to grab my camera today, you would just get a photo of Jon or I in our sweatpants.  And who wants to see that?

Instead, here’s a video from this weekend of Taylor crawling for the first time.


This weather is absolutely spectacular and we’ve been taking advantage of every single moment of it.

Every afternoon after I picked up P at daycare, we’ve spent some time outside – playing, visiting with the neighbor boys, and taking Peanut’s new Power Wheels out for a spin.

A few comments (as usual):

  • The dog was freaking out about the sound that the little motor made
  • All of us could not stop laughing for the entire time that we were playing with the Power Wheels
  • Out of the 4 of us that were present, I’m pretty sure that Jon and I had the most fun (that’s not putting the toy down, that’s just how excited we were about Peanut actually using it)
  • How do these little nuggets know what to do?

This weekend I’m finally getting a hair cut and new high lights (omg my hair is a mess!) and then we’re enjoying some quality family time.

What are you up to?