Week by iPhone 35/52 and my sister’s wedding!

A busy week!  One where my kid sister got married.  I don't even have words...I swear that she was just born days ago and handed over to me where I promptly dropped her on her head.  Poor kid, she never stood a chance. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous - every detail thought through.  There was so much attention to every little thing that it boggled my mind how someone could consider it all.  Down to the cutest flower girl (I am not biased and I do not appreciate the accusation!) in her adorable little red tutu. And the Bride?  Just stunning.  Flawless.  Amazing.  Thoughtful.  Easy-going.  We may be sisters, but we are very different in some ways...like the easy-going part. Oh and the groom.  He was a blast.  Dancing.  Participating in every event.  Loving on his new bride. And Taylor had her first weekend away from mom and dad, cuddling up to her Gigi.  Gigi, always amazing, did great with our little chunky munkey and even video taped her rolling over from her back to her stomach and back again for the first time (something that Peanut did closer to 7 months!) (I am not comparing...well, I guess I am.  But not in judgement.  Just in amazement). All in all, it was an amazing amazing amazing (very busy and tiring) weekend for all.  Completed with a sinus infection for me...but at least now I have drugs and my 4th week of having a cold has an end in sight.   How was your week? Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone 34/52

Photo Aug 23, 3 13 39 PM

Happy Sunday, peeps! Another week down, and one week closer to my sister's wedding!  I'm both excited and nervous about the weekend - an amazing day to celebrate the unity of two people close to my heart and the first time that we'll be leaving Taylor with someone other than one of us.  For now, I'm choosing excited.  I'll deal with the other emotions later. Anywho, back to this week.  Another very busy week at work, followed by a fun, but busy days at home.  Peanut, Jon and I are all suffering from a nasty cold while Taylor seems to be either popping out her first tooth or having an onset of acid reflux.  In any regard, she's been really fussy.  And so have we. In other news, Peanut is so in love with her baby sister, it's ridiculous.  Every morning she wakes up asking "where's baby Tayor?" and spends all her waking time doting on her.  She loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss her sister.  She brings her toys, wipes her spit up, and wants to participate in every single activity.  Taylor reciprocates with huge smiles, following Peanut's every move.  It's our favorite thing to watch. How was your week? Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them with a link back to this post. Then come back here, link your posts, and check out some others.   … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone, 33/52

Photo Aug 18, 4 32 24 PM

Another week back at work.  Another week with only 3 days at work and 2 days at home with my wonderful babies.  Another amazing amazing week. The new balance is seriously proving to be one of the best things that has happened to me.  I am enjoying work...and I am just LOOOVING my time at home. The girls are incredible.  Taylor's radiant smiles, Peanut's best behavior.  Sure there are tantrums and times when both of them are screaming, but it hasn't phased me. I used to get my feathers all ruffled anytime the baby was screaming or the toddler had a particularly tough day.  I used to watch the clock in hope that it would be 5pm and my husband would be home soon.  I'd beg for time to pass without something happening.  And then, one day, I realized that it was my attitude that was getting in the way of our good days.  And it was preventing our great days. So I stopped.  I stopped getting annoyed.  I stopped getting frustrated.  I started to see the bad moments for what they were - just small bad moments.  And I started to concentrate on the good things. And do you know what happened?  I swear, the toddler started behaving better.  And when she's more patient, everything seems to go by a little smoother.  I'm not sure if she started behaving and things got easier or if my take-it-easy attitude led to her behavior.  Whatever it is, I'm sticking to it and hoping that it'll last. And on the days that don't go so well?  Well, there's always wine. How … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone link-up, week 32

Photo Aug 07, 5 36 40 PM (1)

This was my first week back at work - part time!  I had a lot of emotions about going back (mostly positive, actually) and about staying home alone with my own two kids.  Seriously.  All by myself. I know a lot of  you moms out there that have your kids to yourself day in and day out are probably shaking your head at me, but when you've never really had to manage a full day on your own due to work and daycare, this is actually pretty terrifying. But, as things often do, everything worked out.  The girls behaved like angels (I'm sure this was just to set me up for the weeks that follow) and we had a bunch of things planned and places to go.  My plan is to have an activity planned for us every morning that we're on our own and then take it easy in the afternoons.  So far so good (I say with 2 days under my belt). And the weekend was just as wonderful - a 1st birthday party with one of my favorite girls, a photo shoot, and a family trip to the grocery store (yes, this is considered an outing for us...we even get ice cream that we eat while food shopping, because we're so wicked cool). How was your week? Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them with a link back to this post. Then come back here, link your posts, and check out some others.     … [Read more...]

Week by iPhone catch up: 29, 30 and 31

Photo Aug 03, 6 39 38 PM

You guys, I've been so bad about posting lately but between a vacation with the kids, negotiating my return to work (long story, fill you in later, don't worry it's like the best ending ever), my sister's Bridal shower and Bachelorette (which her future sister-in-law totally did 99% of the work for and I just basically showed up...gift and wrapping paper in hand, asking for scotch tape), and starting my photography business (dude....I'm like legit now lol...do people still say dude?)...well you get the point, I've been busy. The weeks have been blending together as I prepared for my first day back, so here's week 29, 30 and 31. I'm running again - yay!  Short lived since I didn't get a single run in on vacation, but I'm back at it today.  The girls, loving on each other.  Our bathroom these days, filled with poopy clothes, toys, step stool, and a watering can.  Cuz that's how we roll around here.  That and with a happy baby.  That's right, Taylor is a happy baby.  Take that colic. Last week at home with my little, a tutu I made for Peanut to wear to my sister's wedding (yes, that's happening), more smiley baby, wine and bath times and more smiling baby photos.  Don't you just love how happy she is? Our week at my sister-in-law's house, hanging with her adorable little 7 month old and the rest of the fam.  The girls loving on each other is just too much cuteness. More fun on vacation and enjoying the beach.  Peanut is a complete beach bum while … [Read more...]