I never want to forget

The little things.  The way you brush your teeth.  The way your hair smells.  The way you talk to me the entire time that we’re together, narrating, repeating things you’ve heard throughout the week.  You are growing like a weed – a beautiful, wonderful, smart weed.  And I cannot seem to get enough of you.

2014-08-01 big girl-002.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-003.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-004.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-006.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-009.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-010.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-012.jpg


My big girl.


Sometimes it just hits me like a ton of bricks.  It’s unexpected and it comes out of nowhere.

I sit there, scrolling through a recent feed and suddenly I notice a photo of her from when she was tiny.  So small that she barely fit on my chest.

Or when I’m doing the dishes and she runs by, screeching with her sister.  This big girl, this human being.

Or when she comes up to me and says, “Mom?  I want to help today.  Can I help, mom?”

Or when I look at my photos to find a #tbt photo to post and suddenly she’s there….barely 1, smiling back at me from my computer screen, toothless.

And I sit there, the wind knocked out of me, staring at this little person we created and I wonder how it all happened so fast.