The first dance class


Friday was Peanut's first dance class.  So many emotions ran through my mind that I can barely collect them all and put them down on "paper." But mostly it was pride. I was so proud.  I watched my 3 year old stand tall, listen to directions and follow through.  She was absolutely incredible.  After the initial circle time, she agreed to staying up there by herself, letting me run to the side and grab my camera.  She participated and seemed to absolutely love it.  She talked to the other girls, held their hands, let the teacher direct her movements.  She took it very seriously (as she always does) and repeated each move with precision.  Slow and steady, Peanut's way. She stretched and tapped and tumbled. And I sat there, holding back tears. … [Read more...]



  I have been giving the whole public blog sharing the intimate details of not only my life but the life of our two little girls a lot of thought.  I know that today with Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and all the new social media and the way things are out on the open in world wide web it is practically the same thing as running an open blog, but every once in a while (especially after a post about some creepy thing happening) I question what I share and I start to worry. And then I stop blogging openly. And then I worry that I'm not blogging and that I won't have this journal to reply on when I'm inevitable about 3 years behind on their baby books. And then I worry some more- you know, the usual mom thing. And while I reorganize the worries in my head, I'm concentrating on photography. Today I am entering in the I Heart Faces challenge for Smile.  Because how can you not smile looking at that photo? … [Read more...]

32 little tid bits to make life easier with babies and toddlers


Buy socks with the slip free rubber thingies (official term) (it's not) at the bottom.  Especially if your house is tiles and hardwood floors (which ours totally is). 1 piece pajamas are easier with babies before they're potty trained.  Two pieces pajamas are easier with toddlers who are potty training or trained. Don't pull all the toys out all the time.  Create a system where you can rotate toys in and put others away.  We have a tall bookcase with bins of toys.  We rotate which ones are on the bottom (and accessible) with those at the top about once a month and it's like having new toys every month. These Face and Hand wipes are life savers. - Tessa Have "special" toys that you only give when you need them to pre-occupy themselves for some amount of time.  These have to be thought of as "super special" by the kids.  In our house that's an iPad (which they rarely if ever get to play with), some puzzles they don't usually do, a sorting toy (round hole square peg kinda deal), and a Dora book with a "phone." If you don't think that you want to be in the house for every nap time or know that you won't be traveling or on the go for every nap time, rotate what you do as much as possible.  We go for walks, sleep in the crib, sleep in the car.  This gets harder as they get older but while they're 2 or less, I say teach them to be versatile.  Especially when there are two of them. Grocery store shopping + 2 year old + apple was a huge hit for us.  Our toddler could … [Read more...]

Life, lately


It's been so long since I've posted that I barely even know where to start. I have 11 drafts that are all incomplete.  They're pretty far along, but I haven't had time or energy to sit down and complete a thought yet.  And every couple of days I get another one of those "omg I so need to blog about this" moments and I start yet another draft.  That I then abandon because it's late/the kids need me/I can barely read my own words anymore. To say that life lately has been busy would be an understatement.  But it's been a fun busy.  The kind where you hear laughter throughout your house and the kids are chasing one another while you carefully survey all sharp corners.  In the mornings I get up, feed the baby, pump and am just about ready to conquer the world (aka get ready for work, shower, or clean and cook, depending on the day) when I hear a tiny little voice from the living room couch, "Mommy?  Come snuggle me!"  And who am I to say "no" to that?  Our days are filled with work and school, play dates and appointments, family and friends. On top of all that Jon was traveling for 3 weeks in a row (a few days each week), which means that although I get to be the sole snuggler (win) I also get to be the person who not only cooks, cleans, feeds, baths, reads, and picks up, but I'm the one that washes all the dishes, gets stuff laid out for the next day, and tries to remember to feed the dog.  These days are fun and lively, for sure, but they also don't leave much room … [Read more...]

Taylor is 9 months


3 quarters of a year have flown by and we are so excited for your continued milestones.  From barely crawling to going so fast that even I have to make an effort to catch up, standing on your own constantly, and even taking a couple of unassisted steps.  Taylor, you are in such a hurry to catch up to your sister that you're flying through them all.   Your physical abilities seem to have no boundaries.  One moment you are pulling up on the furniture, the next you are walking alongside it, and now you're letting go and taking a couple of steps in the direction of your choice.  You are balancing on your own two feet with ease and love to just stand and play with something.  You have perfected crawling and will fly from room to room in seconds, leaving my breathless as I try to catch up.   Along with crawling and standing and almost walking, you are really good at signing.  You have perfected "more," can clearly say "all done" although it isn't a perfect sign, and also understand "eat" and "milk."  You clap, attempt and actually kind of look like you're doing the "itsy bitsy spider" and "twinkle twinkle."  I'm even pretty sure that you say "yay" when you're clapping.   You're actually on a really solid schedule now with two long naps and 3 meals of solids. You usually wake up around 6am, nurse and then play until 8/830. On the days that you go to school, you eat breakfast at school. If we're home, we sit down for some Cheerios, … [Read more...]