DIY lemonade stand

When I initially decided to make my own lemonade stand, I was going to wing it.  How hard could it be?  But then I came across this tutorial on Pinterest (what doesn’t Pinterest have?) and this seemed even easier than I envisioned so I went with it.

2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-033.jpg

I skipped out on getting the extra supporting bars for inside…don’t skip out on those…they’re there for a reason and not the one I thought – you need the extra thickness to make sure you can screw the two crates together.  Thankfully I had very small screws on hand that I used while cursing out skipping out on the support bars.  Also, I used screws instead of nails….way better hold.  I also decided that I wanted the whole yellow and white stripe look – a can of yellow spray paint, some tin foil and some leftover white paint we had laying around (yes, I have buckets of various paint around…just in case?).

PicMonkey Collage

All in all this took me NO time and very little effort.  And I am obsessed with the results.

Of course I had to take it for a spin with some friends.
2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-019.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-059.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-063.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-069.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-087.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-105.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-128.jpg

Taylor is 14 months

2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-047.jpg


Our dearest little 14 month old firecracker,

You continue to amaze us month after month.  I really thought that having gone through all the milestones things would feel different with a second baby.  And they are.  They’re amazing in their own unique ways.  I forgot all the details that come along with learning at this stage and you continue to push the boundaries of what a little 1 year old can accomplish.

You are picking up new words left and right.  Some recent ones include crocodile, toothbrush, cracker, snack, ball, bah.  There are also a ton more that you say that I haven’t even kept up with.  It’s crazy how you spend the whole day babbling away, as if we’re completely on par with what you are saying.  You mimic things we say and reply to us when we talk to you.  If you’re fussy or busy doing something you shouldn’t be and I start talking to you, you really pay close attention and try to answer me and it cracks me up to no end.

This month has been a very busy one and you continue to go with the flow.  With mommy’s car accident and the events that follow, we’ve taken you girls a bit off your schedules but you keep right up.  You love the routine things but can be so flexible when you need to be.  I hope that it stays with you – that’s a great skill to have.

This month you have also spent not just one but two overnights without us.  Due to some pre-wedding events for your Auntie Em and Uncle Mike and a company meeting event that daddy and I had to be away for, you girls stayed with your Papa and Baba and did amazing!  Your grandparents adore you to pieces (how could they not) and were amazed at your very big personality.  You win everyone over the minute they meet you.

This month we’ve also enjoyed all the wonderful things that the shoreline has to offer – concerts on the green, farmer’s markets, weekly trips to the beach, strawberry picking.  You absolutely love being out and about, especially when we are out with your two bff’s, Zaiya and Hunter.
2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-086.jpg


The three of you are so cute together it makes all us parents swoon.

Love you, snuggle bug.  Happy 14 months.