Taylor, 15 months old

Our dearest little spitfire,

I have yet to run out of terms to describe your absolutely delightful and incredibly outstanding personality.  You amaze us daily.



You are not only walking, but you’re running, walking backwards, and even attempting to jump.  You climb the couch (sometimes using a pillow since ours is too high), you go down slides, and you are rarely afraid of any new challenge.  As long as mommy or daddy are right there.  Things that scare you (and make you run off crying, calling for mommy) are loud noises, sometimes the vacuum, and your sister dumping a bucket full of toys from the height of her bed.  Along with being a little firecracker, you are incredibly sensitive and very aware of your surroundings.


Your vocabulary continues to grow and it’s hard to keep up with all that you say.  I’ve re-downloaded the vo-KID-bulary app on my iPhone in hopes of capturing your words.  Some of the latest (from my memory, sorry my loving dear second child) are chicken, tractor, monkey, book, cracker, milky, blankey, and most animal sounds.  You are still calling everyone that you love “mommy” which is cute in its own way.  Rather than “mama” or “mommy” it sounds like this…”maaaah-meeeeee.”  If I am not mistaken, you picked that one up from your cousin Ellie.
2014-07-26 mike and em wedding weekend-093.jpg

And that’s not the only thing that you picked up from your cousin Ellie.  You two are like two peas in a pod and it’s adorable to not only see you interact, but get a chance at seeing a little sneak peek into your future.  Although you don’t get to see each other too often, you fall right back into your little love/competition games.  You hug and kiss and the proceed to steal anything that Ellie has.  I hope this is just a stage.

Lately you are absolutely loving putting your shoes on, your blankey, the beach and digging in the sand, buckles especially on your booster seat, and zoo animals.  You are seriously obsessed with being at the zoo and cannot get enough pointing at all the animals, mooing and baa-ing and quacking left and right.  It’s amazing to watch you get so excited!

You also adore being around your sister and your bffs.  The mommies cannot get enough of watching you guys interact.  You are all so different and yet so alike, it’s crazy.  In addition to the three musketeers we’ve been spending a lot of time with your little friend Jordyn who is just a few months younger.  Not only do you love to run around with the other kids, you’ll gladly spend a half hour just sitting next to Jordyn, playing with toys, and handing them to her one by one (and then promptly taking them away).


You also love to do mommy’s and Addi’s and daddy’s errands like throw out the trash, get a toy, give Addi her cup.  You never mistaken whose water cup is whose (although you like to sneak sips from your sister’s whenever she’s not looking) and insist on being the one to hand it to her.
Speaking of independency, you have plenty of it.  We are not allowed to assist you with stairs, lids, couch climbing, or pretty much anything else.  While your sister tried something, got frustrated and given up – asking for help, you keep going, patiently.  You don’t seem to get frustrated by trying to do something over and over again and when you’re sure that you won’t succeed, you reach out your little hand toward us and say “hep?” which we translate to “help?”


We love you, doodle bug.  Happy 15 months.

Toys that span the 3 and 1 age group

You know what I love?  Toys that make both of my girls giggle and it just so happens that the toy that Bright Starts™ sent over for a review is one of those toys! I was so giddy when we were picked for Bright Starts™ toys because they all looked like something my girls would love.  Even more awesome was getting chosen to test out the Jungle Fun Ball Climber™–something I knew the girls would have a blast with.  You see, Tay and Peanut both have a teeny tiny obsession with toys that shoot balls into the air.  Something about the pop and all the excitement of it all that gets them going like no other. This time we invited our friends to come over for a Friday play date and check out the new toy that I kept hidden away for 4 days (p.s.- not easy).  The girls couldn’t even wait for me to go get some scissors before they tore into the box.


The kids eagerly turned it on (Peanut, really) and waited patiently (to my surprise) as the balls made their way up the little climber and rolled down the slide. That lasted one turn and then it was a free for all.

2014-08-01 bright start-003.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-004.jpg

And to no surprise, within 10 minutes Hunter figured out that there was a little hook at the top that rolled the balls down the slide. See that look in his eyes?  That’s mischief. 2014-08-01 bright start-005.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-006.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-007.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-008.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-009.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-011.jpg

On the plus side, the toy doesn’t break that easily.  That, friends, we tested. Thoroughly, I might add. 2014-08-01 bright start-010.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-012.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-018.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-019.jpg  

And since the play date, we’ve actually kept the ball climber in the living room, where only a handful of toys go.  The girls love pulling it out and letting the balls go flying. Now, the fun part. Learn a little more about Bright Starts™ and check out your baby’s Baby Laugh Index™.  And if you’re at BlogHer’14 conference, they’re one of the sponsors and will debut these new toys there! Want to get a $100 Visa Gift Card?  Tell me what toys make your baby laugh the most. Share your answer in the comments below for a chance to win one of these Bright Starts™ toys: Jungle Fun Ball Climber™, Hide ‘n Spin Monkey™, or 3-in-1 Step & Ride Lion™.

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