Taylor is 11 months

taylor is 11 months

Our dearest little miss Tish - you are officially in the last month before you turn 1.  You have no idea what that does to your mama's heart. You are an absolute goofball and love bug.  If I had to describe you to someone those would be the exact words I'd use.  You love to laugh and to make everyone around you laugh.  And you love to cuddle.  24/7.  Hugs, snuggles, open-mouthed kisses - your favs. Although I still don't think I would call you a full-on walker, you are definitely walking more and more.  You are starting to choose walking over crawling most times and although you stumble and fall a lot, you get right up and keep going.  Your perseverance excited, scares, and makes me proud all at once. You've mastered "hi" and a wave and "bye bye" and a wave.  In fact, you wave pretty much all the time.  On walks when you see a dog or a person, at the store in the cart when someone smiles at you.  When we get somewhere, when we leave, when anyone at all pays any attention to you or even makes a sound.  You are such a little social bird.  The little sounds of "hi" and "buh bye" are beyond adorable. You are babbling non-stop and starting to actually sound like you're using words.  Some that we think you are meaning to use are "dog," "addi," "travis," "ball," "water." Some that I know you're saying are "dada" and "mama." You're strong-willed and I don't think that will ever change, nor would I want it to.  But you are a little goofball.  You'll struggle … [Read more...]

A day in the life, April 11 2014


Today Taylor turns 11 months - the last month before she is officially one.  I took the 11 month pictures.  I even edited a handful.  But I just can't get myself to process the rest.  Time seems to go by faster than I am capable of handling. Instead, I decided to do a Day in the Life.  Peanut, 3 years old and 3 months.  Taylor, a couple of days short of 11 months. It's Thursday, my day home with the girls.  I wake up with Taylor's crying just before 6 am.  Ever since she got really sick she's been waking up earlier than usual.  I pull her into bed with us and we snuggle/sleep until around 6:30am.  Taylor has perfected her little wiggle worm and I end up giving in and feeding her.  Jon is in PA for work and I'm on my own. A little before 7 I hear a knock on Peanut's door. She knocks when she wants to get out but can't get the door open. I set her up on the couch and I pump.  We don't have any plans so I don't bother to hurry.  I change Taylor while I pump. Taylor is left to her own devices while I grab a cup of coffee.  For the record, a cup of coffee that I will rewarm 3 more times before I take my first sip, but it's the effort that counts.     We move to Peanut's room and change out of our pajamas. Peanut was not amused.  And not participating.  Until I pulled the new "gem" trick and up she went.  Potty.  Change.  Teeth.  Face wash. And time for breakfast while mommy packs up for the day.  After a text message with some … [Read more...]

Second kid syndrome


It's hard to tell sometimes if the personality traits that Taylor has are different because she's Taylor or if they are a result of being a second kid.  However, I think at least a good number of them are due to our different parenting and because she's always watching her big sister. Taylor is a bruiser.  She's fearless.  While Peanut was always (and still is!) incredibly cautious, watching everything around her carefully and never taking any steps until she was sure that she wouldn't fall, Taylor has none of these worries.  She walks even though she's still unstable on her feet.  She falls, smiles, gets up and tries again.  While a single bruise was a huge deal with our little Peanut and required an hour of cuddling and lots of ice, Taylor has on average at least 2-3 bruises at all times.  Some of these we don't know the origins of. Peanut was also incredibly dependent on us.  She asked for help to get to anything high.  She learned early to point and get our attention to get what she wanted.  She walked behind her walker, stopping when it hit a dead end (approximately every 5 seconds since our house is tiny) and waited until we un-jammed her and then continued to walk.  Taylor?  Nothing stops Taylor.  And I mean nothing.  She spots her walked in the corner of the room, behind a number of toys.  With ease she gets to it, scrambles to remove it from its place, turns it and begins to walk, laughing and waving.  She hits a wall, pulls the walker with force, turning … [Read more...]

Baby subscription box review: Bluum versus Citrus Lane


This month with the help of a coupon and a Groupon and a Living Social deal, I ended up ordering a Bluum box and a Citrus Lane box for the kiddies.  I was curious to see what kind of products each of them shipped and, honest, to stack them up against one another to see which I liked best. One of the mistakes I made is that I ordered one for each of the girls instead of ordering both for the same age...so take that into consideration. I ordered Bluum Box for Taylor, 10 months old.  And here is what I received. Ella's Kitchen - Stage 1 - Carrots,Apples,Parsnips:  Taylor is 10 months old......Stage 1 is like 4 months old.  Regardless, she loves it and gobbled it up. Blum Naturals - Towelettes - Cucumber: never going to use it.  Gave it to my SIL. Weleda - Calendula Weather Protection Creams: probably won't use it. We use AquaFore.  But, cute attempt. Haba - Clutching Tricorn - Orange: this one actually annoyed me.  A lot.  She's 10 month old - do I really need a newborn toy???? Deep Steep - Hand Scrub - Tangerine Melon: Will never use it.  But ya know, cute. I also ordered a Citrus Lane box for Addison, 3 years old. Here's what we got: A "make your own book": actually cute, can't wait to do this with Addi-pie Puzzles: adorable. Love them. Play doh: Okay, most kids have this.  But my kids are into arts and crafts and we always welcome play doh. Nail stuff for kids: cute. Great idea. Was so excited!  Then I opened the nail polish and it was chunky.  Big fail. … [Read more...]

Taylor is 10 months

10 months old

Taylor-bean.......sorry for the photos, kid.  You were really sick and this was the best we could do. A little digression: you were sick with what appears to have been Roseola last week and you were absolutely miserable the entire time.  It made me realize just how happy you are every day and what a little goof you are.  I missed the goof.  But as of Sunday you are all better and spent most of dinner trying to make us all laugh.  Phew. Now on to the 10 month post. Our (very late) 9 month appointment confirmed that you have reached all of your 12 month milestones and are moving on to the next big thing.  Walking. Although I would not say that you are "walking" just yet, you are definitely taking a lot of steps on your own.  I am in a constant battle with myself between celebrating this huge milestone and pushing you down (gently) because I'm not ready for a full blown toddler.  (Don't worry, I celebrate...mostly). So to review, you're crawling, standing, walking along furniture, and taking steps all on your own.  And you're real proud of it too. Since we're on the milestone list, you're also clapping, giving high five on demand, (mostly) giving kisses on demand (wet, slobbery ones).  You observe everything, love to dance, wave bye-bye (and even attempt to say it), and try to do the signs for most basic nursery songs. You've completely mastered the pincer grasp and demonstrate it by pinching me constantly.  You've also discovered your pointer finger … [Read more...]