Taylor, 16 months

I think the more accurate title would actually be 16.5 months, but we’re close enough.  Considering we completely forgot to even schedule your 15 month appointment, I think this is going pretty well.
2014-09-11 random fun-052.jpg


16 months going on 3 years old is what you’re up to over here, our little nugget.

You are talking up a storm and putting 2 and sometimes even 3 words together.  It’s starting to sound like you are actually talking in sentences.

2014-09-11 random fun-018.jpg

This month you vocabulary went from 30-50 words to me losing count.  You repeat everything you hear, copy your sister and whatever she says, and really give though to what you are about to say.  When one of us is leaving, you say “bye bye daddy” or “bye bye Addi,”  if someone is sleeping and we ask you to be quiet,  you say “shhhh Addi sleepin.”
2014-09-17 Bauer after dark-015.jpg
You have developed a great affection for a toy frog that daddy and I won for you at the Fair this month.  You’re obsessed with it and want to bring it everywhere you go.  You also get obsessed with whatever toy your sister likes at the moment and try to steal it every chance you get.  That part is a little frustrating to your sister and totally hilarious to us.  Watching you process information and formulate thoughts is seriously amazing.2014-09-17 Bauer after dark-101.jpg

This month you’ve decided that you absolutely love water….just in time for Fall and colder weather.  You’ve even liked swimming the couple of warm days that we savored.  You still absolutely love the beach, picking up shells and rocks, and playing in the sand.  It’s a good thing we live on the shoreline!
2014-09-17 Bauer after dark-143-2.jpg

Your favorites this month are hot dogs (“hock gogs”), peas, your froggy and doggy stuffed animals (well, more accurately, your sister’s doggy stuffed animal), blankey, your pacifier, and hanging on mommy 24/7.
2014-09-04 Thing 1-2-3-012-Edit.jpg
You’ll do absolutely anything if someone pouts and you and whines (something that your sister has now figured out and uses 24/7 against you) and you are still the most affectionate little being.  You love to snuggle, give kisses and climb on top of everyone around you.  Your sister is finally warming up to the fact that you want to snuggle 24/7 and has even been inviting you to cuddle with her.2014-09-17 Bauer after dark-224.jpg

You LOVE your friends and this month you guys are actually playing together!  You interact, egg each other on, tease one another and steal toys, then share them.  You giggle at one another and run around.  It’s so so so sweet to watch. You’re a bit of a ring leader for climbing and doing whatever gives mom a heart attack, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
2014-09-17 Bauer after dark-251.jpg

Happy (belated) 16 months, Tish.

Oh and one more pic. Because it cracks me up.
2014-09-04 Thing 1-2-3-031.jpg

Peanut’s post as we start a “new school year”

Dearest little Peanut-butter,

We continue to be in complete awe with you.  While 2.5-3.5 was a bit of a challenge as we all readjusted to you becoming an independent big kid, 3.5 has brought on a whole new world.  The most amazing world where all those battles and boundary tests resulted in the most amazing, polite, thoughtful, and caring little person.  We cannot be any more proud of you.



Although you go to daycare/school year-round, I thought that this month was a good time to catch up on where you are.

You are so incredibly caring and thoughtful that it shocks me to even understand how someone so young can be as intuitive.  In fact, I think sometimes you are more intuitive than some of the adults I know.  You are always gauging the emotions in the household, the books or if we are out somewhere.  If someone is sad, you ask why they’re sad and always try to cheer us up.

You are the most amazing big sister.  While you’ve always loved your sister from the day you met her, you continue to grow into your role.  As Tay starts to explore the world around her on playgrounds and by climbing the couch, you are right there, helping.  You hold her hand and encourage her (“Come on, Tayor. You can do this. One more step.”) as you climb up the steps to get on the slide.  You hold her hand on the slide down or run and meet her at the bottom, catching her and clapping (“You did it! Good job!”).  It is so ridiculously sweet that I can barely take it.  You always include her in your games (unless she takes the toy you wanted, which is like 99% of the time) and you seem to want to be around her 24/7.  You love to talk for her, making sure her needs are met (“Tayor is sad because she wants her nunu.  I will get it. I’ll get her nunu.  And a blankey.  Tayor wants her blankey.”).  And you’re the best mommy’s helper ever, especially when Tay poops in her diaper at 7am and I am barely awake enough to deal with it (“Mom!  Tayor pooped in her diaper.  I’ll get you wipes.  What else do you need?”).
2014-08-18 pre-school 2014-003.jpg


You are incredibly polite.  We worked hard on making sure that we encourage polite words like “excuse me” when you want to get our attention, “sorry” if you hurt someone, “please” and “thank you.”  I also read an article on teaching your kids to get your attention by placing a hand on them rather than constantly whining and we implemented it.  You caught on within 1 day and now, if you’re trying to get our attention and “excuse me” didn’t do the trick, you gently place your hand on my hip and wait until I turn my attention to you.  Your ability to adjust and catch on to something new amazes me.

That’s not to say that you don’t whine or nag like a 3 year old does, but it has decreased significantly in the last couple of months.

And with all the nice words we’ve implemented with you, you always remind us.  “Dad, you forgot to say Excuse me.” or “Mom, you’re supposed to say sorry.”  It always makes us chuckle.
2014-08-18 pre-school 2014-008.jpg


And while you are polite and sweet, you are still a complete goofball.  You love to make everyone around you laugh and I must admit, you are always successful.  Like the time you said, “mom guess what?” “Chicken butt!!!!”  You love to entertain and have not only us, but your sister, rolling with laughter.

This one is actually on par I think for 3, but the attention to completing a task isn’t always there.  You get distracted easily or try delay tactics in everything you do, from bedtime to nap time to getting out the door.  And just when we start to get frustrated, you notice and do something to make us laugh.  Hilarious, yes.  Still frustrating?  Umm, yes.
2014-08-18 pre-school 2014-010.jpg


It seems that as you progress at your daycare pre-school and cross the 3.5 year old threshold, you are starting to be interested in more learning.  You count everything, from coins to jelly beans to pancakes and crayons.  You love to write your name and do a really good job.  You continue to love to draw and the last few pictures of your family have us aw-ing.  I’ve bought a few sight word cards to try to work on reading, but we have only done them a couple of times.  As per usual, you catch on quick and I’m eager to see you express interest.  I don’t really want to push the learning on to you and want you to drive it.  The fact that you love to lay in bed with books, pretending to read them, is encouraging and I just know you’re going to learn quickly.
2014-08-18 pre-school 2014-012.jpg


And in case these photos aren’t enough to show it, you are mommy’s perfect little model.  As I continue to strive to be a better photographer every day, you continue to appease me.  You are always ready to explore new locations and “pose” for me.  Since I’m not huge on posing to begin with, your silliness is just perfect.  You know exactly what to do when the camera goes up….that is, hide.

Which brings me to this – you, my dear girl, are as stubborn as stubborn come.  And honestly?  I hope that sticks.  While I plan to teach you that there are good and bad times to be stubborn, I actually think that along with stubbornness comes drive and not giving up.  I love that you’re not easily swayed and that you continue to try something until you perfect it.  Those qualities go hand in hand and while I know you’ll learn to let some things go, I’m happy to see that you’re going to have a strong personality.

There are some questions whether you get that from your mama or daddy…….but we’ll save those arguments for long car rides.

(I’m just kidding. It’s both of us.  Sorry I’m not sorry).

And so another school year begins.  Can’t wait to see what it brings.