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I know it seems like I’ve been on a cooking spree lately, but the truth is that I cook almost every day.  The problem is that I don’t have day light to take pictures of the food I cook on weekdays, and therefore I have to settle for weekend meal photos only.

I wanted to put together a weekly meal plan for a 1 year old for a while now, but I needed a couple of weeks in order to get my photos in.  And! I’m finally here!

sample weekly meal plan for a 1 year old from livinglikethekings.com


Our meals very week to week, but here are some “rules” that I like to stick to

  • Aim for a serving of veggie, fruit, grain, and protein at least throughout the day
  • Limit (if not eliminate) added sugars
  • Have at least one serving of calcium in addition to milk (Peanut rarely drinks all her milk)
  • Limit take out to once a week at most
  • Limit pasta dishes to once a week
  • If possible, always choose low sugar, low sodium, low additives

I don’t succeed with this every single week, but for the most part, we do ok.

sample weekly meal plan for a 1 year old from livinglikethekings.com


As you can see, a lot of our dinner left overs become next day’s lunch.  It’s true for us and for Peanut.  On days that we don’t have leftovers, I end up grabbing something quick for her lunch like frozen veggies, chicken nuggets, or hot dogs.  Almost all of the store bought things like yogurt, chicken nuggets, and even hot dogs are all natural, low sodium, and nitrate free.   We stock up on items like that when we drive out to Whole Foods.  I also make some items, like the zucchini fritters, in large quantities and free small portions that I can give Peanut when I’m low on time or won’t be able to cook.

We’ve been lucky that our kid isn’t a very picky eater and her favorites are fruits and veggies.  We still have a very hard time getting her to eat any meat, so I often substitute tofu for meat in her meals.

In case you missed it, here are links to some of the recipes mentioned:
Baked sweet potato fries

Orzo salad

Baked acorn squash 

Zucchini fritters


What is your and/or your kid’s favorite food?



  1. Um, Thatcher would not touch HALF of that stuff! A good day around here is him eating some peas and banana – otherwise, he still prefers pureed. I don’t get it! It’s kind of frustrating because he won’t eat much “real” food.

    • Really??? She LOVES to eat but she’s also picky from one day to another. It’s weird. Other times she just eats string cheese and fruit lol. But we always try!

  2. woah. you cook way way way more than me! even with no teeth Peanut chews all of that!? I am impressed!

    • You know, we cut everything to pea size or smaller and she’s ok. If it’s soft, like string cheese or soft fries, we can leave it big and she’ll actually bite with her gummies. Crazy, right? The kid sure does love food though!

  3. I miss Bubba being one and eating good like that. He hit 18 months and all of a sudden my kid who would eat just about everything I did started to refuse things a bit at a time until six months later when he’d hardly eat anything at all. Now at three he’s finally starting to branch back out, but he’s still not up to this level again yet. *sigh* I’m jealous.

  4. What a great meal plan! Great ideas. Peanut is so adorable :)

  5. Even though Morgan is. 20 mths I’m still learning about the toddler eating. Her favorites are Lima beans, corn, grilled cheese.

    Thanks for some extra ideas!

  6. Thanks for the great ideas! My son would eat bananas all day if I let him and sometimes it’s hard to come up with healthy, yummy alternatives. Gotta try these!

  7. Hmm….I’ll have to try some of these. Robby’s pretty much decided that he’s done with purees. Suggestion (and one of his favorites): pierogies. My goodness does the kid love those.

    • ha! I actually made those this past week too and she wasn’t that interested in them. I might try them with cabbage next time because I made them with pureed potatoes. The whole no teeth thing and all

  8. Melissa (Ryan's mom) says:

    Good ideas. Thx for sharing. Ryan likes all foods but I need ideas to mix things up a bit and this helps. Hope you and your family are feeling better :)

  9. This is a great visual meal plan. Thank you so much. It has given me some good ideas for my picky eater.

  10. I’m impressed by your planning and organization skills! Also, this post has given me some new ideas. Thanks for sharing it on my blog! And thanks for visiting :-).

  11. I just saw this via Pinterest! This is very helpful! thanks for the post!

  12. Hi. Just came across your blog. Thanks for the great suggestions. I did have a question though- when do you sneak in the grains? I thought it was needed in every meal. I’m having such a tough time making sure he’s getting everything!

    • I’ve heard from many sources (and read) that it’s all about balance over a week – there are grains in grilled cheese, zucchini fritters, chicken nuggets. I also often add a few snacks that include a grain.

  13. Hi, I just came across your site, this food looks delicious! Your food makes me feel inadequate :) . Do you know if you can freeze the chicken nuggets?


    • Victoria- I did freeze mine and they were delicious. I usually defrost them for about 30-45 seconds at 50% power then nuke em or put them in the toaster oven. ps- totally do NOT feel inadequate! These are all super easy and convenient!

  14. I do not believe this is an adequate meal plan for a child.
    There is NO fish at all!!!
    My daughter is 9 months old and eats everything we give her. Especially fish, lentils, and over 45 kinds of fruits a vegetables. Mostly green and orange in colour.
    The menu posted contains mostly fried and processed foods. And the fact that they are heated in a microwave is just plain old nuts!
    Fruits should be limited to before 3pm due to their sugar content. Hot dogs and fried chicken nuggets shouldn’t even exist for a 12 month old.
    Seeing these kinds of posting truly upsets my husband and I. It’s sad that this is what people think is a proper diet for children.
    No wonder McD’s is so damn popular with kids.

    • Bee- Thanks for your comment. This was a sample meal plan for my 1 year old. I know we’re all different parents and make different choices and in no way am I suggesting that you feed your child what I feed mine. Every kid has different likes, needs, and allergies. And what I feed her one week is almost always different than the week before or the week after. And just for the record, my kid has never had McD’s.

    • Ok WOW. I know this comment is 6 months old, but once I saw how politely the author has replied to you, I knew I needed to say something, even if you never read this. It is completely unacceptable to be this rude and self righteous. I would honestly be far more upset if my child spoke to and treated someone this way than if he ate a chicken nugget.
      By the way, I studied nutrition and dietetics in college, and this meal plan is pretty darn good. While you may be right about adding in fish from time to time, it is simply not necessary to give 45 different kinds of vegetables and fruits to a child (not that you shouldn’t, but you are implying that it is necessary) because many of the vegetables have the same vitamins and nutrients. The only variation you really need to focus on is color, (i.e. maybe branch out from green and orange a little bit). And what is this random 3pm fruit rule???? And anyway. The main number one thing for babies and toddlers is dietary fat for brain development. So play nice. SHEESH.

      • I’ve been trying to figure out what to write as a response to this…and although I can write back a lot more I’m just going to say, Thank you. I really appreciate this comment.

      • All I can say is “WOW,” just as Anna states above. Everyone obviously has their own opinions and ways of raising/feeding their children and that’s their prerogative and right as a parent. However, Bee – there was absolutely no reason for you to react and quite frankly be so rude the way you sound in your comment above to someone who is only trying to help others and provide suggestions (emphasis added), which to be honest, I found quite helpful. Also, why FISH??? I have never eaten sea food in my entire life and I am 31 years old. Further, I don’t even eat beef or pork and very rarely, and only within the last few year have started to eat all white chicken, and very little at that. My husband and I are extremely healthy, not over weight, work out, eat healthy and feed our 12 month old daughter just as healthy of foods as we eat…and no it does not consist of 45 different fruits a day, nor do they stop being given to her by 3 p.m. which I don’t believe is a rule and I have never heard of that. Also, you may not be aware of this but there are chicken nuggets made for children that are healthy, non-processed and all white meat, some which can be bought over the counter and some, like I make, are homemade. I also think you should ask questions before making your own assumptions, especially assuming that someone chooses to take their child to McDonald’s for a meal, which just based on this entire website and the care that this mother shows for her children she doesn’t. Also, there is nothing wrong with heating food in the microwave. I personally think some people take the “microwave issue” to the extreme…and I know someone like this and she also doesn’t use any cleaning products or allow her kids to be around anything like that and guess what, her children are ALWAYS sick and now allergic to just about everything. Children need to be exposed to this or they end up allergic and/or sick a lot growing up, and I have personally seen them treated differently in school because of how their parents raised them. Again, this is only my opinion and I realize people raise their children differently so if you or anyone else doesn’t agree with me that’s ok and it wouldn’t bother me a bit because I know I take great care of my daughter and she is extremely healthy and very well advance for her age. 12 months old, with the vocab of a 2 year old and already going pee pee on the potty.
        In short, I just think there wasn’t a need to be rude when someone is only trying to help others which obviously you can tell she has. If you don’t agree and it upsets you simply don’t visit the site…problem solved!

  15. love this site!

  16. I don’t see how chicken nuggets and hotdogs are more nutritious than pasta.

    • I am not saying they are. Our chicken nuggets are also baked, all natural and the hot dogs are nitrate free, natural, turkey dogs. We include these to make sure that P is getting sufficient protein which pasta alone doesn’t provide.

      • Johnny McHotCakes says:

        Just because something is labeled “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Bacon is all natural. Tobacco is all natural. Gravel and sand are all natural.

        So your hot dogs are all natural. Big deal. They’re made from the worst parts of the bird that you probably wouldn’t even feed to your dog if you saw them. It’s the scraps and waste they can’t use for anything else. It’s like what you get if you went to a poultry processing facility and hosed down the equipment and then ground all those bits and pieces down into a paste and packed it into a little tube.

        If you want to feed you kids turkey, then just buy turkey. You know why turkey hot dogs are so much cheaper than a straight cut of the bird? It’s the old adage is true: “you get what you pay for.”

  17. How much milk does your LO drink daily?

  18. Wow – great posting, my 12 month old will be soo hungry, but refuse to eat! I have to follow-up him around the house holding a spoon, hoping he will open up :( This is a great sample menu, and thanks for sharing the recipes! I bought an acorn squash, and can’t wait to cook it up tonight!

    Question – what kind of yogurt do you use? And do you season the tofu with anything?

    • Ellen- thank you! We buy the Greek full fat yogurt. She changed her mind about flavors – right now she is really into the Lime one. I mix it up with tofu – breading, salt and pepper, seasoning. Whatever works or whatever he’ll like. Peanut is also a huge fan of Miso soup with tofu.

  19. hi there! i love this meal plan! my son is almost 1 and thankfully is not picky! i feed him everything we eat. i aim to be one of those parents thats able to make 1 meal for the family and not separate ones for the kids. can you send me the recipe for the zucchini fritters?

    Thanks you!

  20. Great suggestions! Thank you! Wondering, do you feed your babe (or did you) iron fortified cereals? If no, I’d love to hear your thoughts on why.

    • Leah-
      Hi! We did do rice cereal with our first and it immediately clogged her up and caused pretty significant constipation issues. We stopped after a couple of weeks and never did rice again. With our second we tried oatmeal cereal rather than rice long after we started solids and again it caused some pretty significant constipation issues so we rarely if ever do that. Different babies respond differently and I know lots of babies who eat rice or oatmeal cereals daily without any issues. However, for our babies it does not work.

  21. twinmom says:

    Hotdogs? Chicken nuggets? really?? in defense of “Bee” we should avoid processed foods as much as possible. Unless those are homemade cx nuggets, then they probably contain a basket of various harmful chemicals. and Hotdogs are directly linked to cancer. People like Bee and myself are not trying to be mean, we just get frustrated at parents who do not choose to inform themselves and do research prior to feeding their children.

    • Hi! The chicken nuggets are homemade indeed. White meat, eggs and breading. The hotdogs are nitrate free, organic turkey dogs.

  22. OneVeryTiredMommy says:

    Your post is a life savers!!! After working an 8 hour day, coming home to cook and clean, my mind draws a blank when the questions is “what should my little Bug have for dinner?”. I have printed your menu out and hung it on my fridge. This weekend, it will also come to the store with me as a shopping list. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  23. So I know your kid is probably way past this stage, but as a suggestion to moms whose children are having difficulties with meat: my baby is 12 months old, and while she loved meat in her purees, she has refused to eat it as finger foods. My solution: homemade meatballs. Basically every type of meat she eats (pork, turkey, beef), I make in meatball form. I also mix in a lot of vegetables — it softens the meatballs, so they are not great grown-up consistency, but are awesome for babies — and then bake the meatballs. I think she just didn’t like chewing and swallowing meat chunks.
    I hope we can move past the meatball stage at some point, but for now, I am just glad that she is eating well. And she loves any type of flaky fish.

  24. This is terrific and you are adorable :) Thank you for this post, it has served as a good source of guidance and place to start!

  25. So helpful! Thank you for sharing!

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