Scrabble Bridal shower – the details

After the festivities of the weekend, I could barely will myself out of bed this morning.  But to say that it was well worth it – that would be an understatement.

I came across the idea for the scrabble-themed bridal shower a long long time ago when I saw this pinterest scrabble wedding photo.  It immediately reminded me of Laura (especially since we were in the midst of 3 Words with Friends games).  The hard part was that I couldn’t tag any of the scrabble things on my Pinterest since Laura follows me and she wanted to be completely surprised about everything that had to do with the shower and the party.  So I waited, patiently, for the planning to begin.

Now I’m excited to share the details with you guy!

First, let me tell you a little about the letters.  I knew that I wanted to put together my own scrabble plates with the letters as part of the centerpieces.  However, I did not want to go out and buy a dozen scrabble games so I turned to the place that I knew would have what I needed – eBay.  After finding a ton of letters and placing my bids, I waited patiently.  My thinking was that I placed my bids mid-price and therefore my chances of winning were decent, but not for all the bids.  I guess I was thinking that if I bid on three different ones, there’s a good chance I would win at least one and take it from there.  Wrong.  I won all three.  Now I have a large grocery bag full of tiles (not that I mind since they’re great for photography props and crafting, my two favorite hobbies).

Anyways, the centerpieces turned out perfect – I had mason jars from Jon’s grandmother, flowers from a local Stop & Shop, some love-themed books, and ribbon.   With the help of my friends and the Bridesmaids, we put the centerpieces together without much trouble and moved on to the cupcakes.

Tonia, one of the Bridesmaids and Laura’s future sister-in-law, made the cupcakes and the letters.  From scratch.  Herself.  By the way, did I mention that she has twin babies?  She amazes me.

And then there were some games.

We kept the games to 3 – clothes pins (where you cannot say Bride, Groom, or Wedding – if you do, you have to give up your pin to the person who called you out on it), word scrabble, and what is the bride wearing.

The latter got a little rowdy, especially since we were in a restaurant.

And as for the bride to be?

She was the highlight of the whole event.  Beautiful, funny, and outgoing, she had a great time mingling with her family and friends, playing all the games, and opening her gifts.

She even let me take an insane amount of photos, which I promised to put in a scrapbook for her along with the “Love” notes.

And because we all know that I can’t help myself when there are adorable babies around, here is one of Laura with her soon-to-be niece (one of the twins!).



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