WW: Our Christmas card

christmas card funny



  1. Haha! Great card…it even took me a second to realize you and Jon were tied up in lights!

  2. Very cute! Reminds me of a prank from college… ;)

  3. OMG. Too. Friggin. Cute. LOVE IT!!

  4. Love it!! Too cute!!

  5. Cuuuuuuute card!

  6. Love it!! So adorable!

  7. I LOVE this one. Love even more that Travis is wrapped up too!!! So cute!!!!!! I was doing something similar for my mini’s. I had the parents sit back to back, wrapped the lights around them and gave the end to the kid. But I like this idea even more.

  8. Ours came on Monday!

  9. You are so adorably talented! <3

  10. I love this card! Cute, funny and seems really expressive of your life right now. It’s awesome.

  11. At first I thought this was just a sweet card. Then I saw you guys were in the background tied up with the lights. Then I noticed the dog was tied up and started laughing. I can appreciate how difficult it must have been to time this just right with a toddler who doesn’t want to sit still. I’m impressed. This is adorable. Love it!

  12. how on EARTH did you get this picture? It’s absolutely perfect

    • hehehe thanks! Patience, a lot of cookies, a couple of knocked over cups of milk, a tripod, and a remote :) (plus a photoshopped dog lol)

  13. Bwahahahaha! Awesome!!

  14. Very cute and creative!

  15. Very very cute!!

  16. Very, very cute idea :-)

  17. TOO cute! Love it!

  18. This is hilarious!! I’d love to see the outtakes ;)

  19. So perfect! And what a cute idea! Love that y’all got to stay in jammies too!

  20. I LOVE this! So freaking adorable!!

  21. Cute! I didn’t realize y’all were in it too until I took a 2nd look!

  22. This = awesome.

  23. So stinking cute!!

  24. LOVE! I want to steal this idea for next year!! hahaha!

  25. Cute!!!

  26. You are so clever. I love it!

  27. I love it!!!!

  28. Cute!

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